About me

About me … Well …
As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved hanging around in my kitchen. I always loved its cosiness, this feeling that I belonged there.

This specific room was always a place where I spent a lot of time. I’m the oldest of 3 sisters. When I was 10, I started my cooking journey by heating the meals that my mum had prepared. I was supposed to make sure that they wouldn’t burn (it happened a few times !!). Then I started preparing actual meals. I remember once making bolognese sauce. My mum had prepared little boxes of spice. I was supposed to pour a bit of each but, guess what ? I poured all the contents and made probably the spiciest bolognese sauce ever cooked !!  This is where it all started.

Each time I had to study for my exams, I would take breaks and bake some bread, or a cake or even cook a boeuf bourguignon !!

Later, I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I couldn’t help having this super strong will to bake macarons. I had never made macarons before. So I tried once and failed terribly. The shells wouldn’t rise, they weren’t round shaped. I tried again and again. For the same miserable result each time. I used to seat in front of my oven, watching carefully my shells with both hope and fear in my eyes. My 5 year-old daughter used to come and, while holding me for support, she would say : Mum you failed again ! In the end, I gave birth to my little one, I hadn’t manage to make any macaron.


6 years later, I found THE RECIPE. One from Pierre Hermé (the least you can choose right ?). I decided to fight my worst fears and there ! Halleluiah ! The shells were perfect, round, with the distinctive collar. Taste was good ! The curse was finally broken !!

Back to the kitchen. This is where I feel I can give a little of myself each time I cook or bake. It is actually the room where so much of your life happens.


Time flies, I have an engineer degree diploma, I worked for big companies and travelled around the world, I got married, had 3 beautiful children … And then what ?

Today, I am tremendously proud to write those lines. I’m proud but also really scared. This is a new adventure, a new challenge for me : sharing a bit of myself through my posts, my cooking, my pics. And also accepting advices, remarks and my capability to transmit my passion.

So let’s do it ! Please give me as many comments as you like ! I’ll be waiting for them !