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A cooking class at Alain Ducasse’s cooking school

For any beginner cook or more advanced one, a day at Alain Ducasse’s cooking school feels like Indiana Jones approaching the Holy Grail, even better maybe… Or, it gives you this bliss just as if you had seen again Hugh Grant dancing in Love Actually … See what I mean ??

Anyway, it is great, good, super good, super cool, it’s just something that you will remember for a long time.

I have to be honest, it is also a little bit expensive. For a whole 3 star cooking day (including starters, main dish, dessert and wine) it will cost you 340 euros. It is not the average price for an activity when in Paris, but you can find other cheaper options here: . After all, it’s really worth it. It is the best cooking class you can find. The show works perfectly, Alain Ducasse was among the first chefs to enable us, amateurs, to get so close to gastronomy.From the minute you enter the school until the end of your dessert, everything is set so that you enjoy this amazing day.

I was lucky enough to go there twice (my close ones are really really nice !!), once in Winter and once in Spring. It gave me the opportunity to work on different kind of products and to learn specific cooking techniques that I use very often now at home. Now let’s enjoy a few pics !

It starts with the place itself. Elegant and modern, you will find several kitchens. The equipments are high quality ones, 3 ovens per kitchen, and look like a home kitchen (in a super cool version, but still !).

You will be among a group of 5 to 12 people. I had the opportunity to test both configurations, different atmosphere but same pleasure. You get there, choose your place, an apron and the recipes are waiting for you. Coffee and danish are note far away …

here is my Alain Ducasse apron, I wear it proudly at home now !!

Tou’re all set, you feel a little bit lost, just before a great event. people look at each other wondering : is he a good cook ? Is she a better cook ? Are they stars ?? And then it starts. You can relax, the cooking skills of each person is not an issue after all. Everyone will cook and be a real part of the making of this gastronomy menu. You will cook from 9am until 4pm, it’s going to be great.

Ingredients are waiting for you, looking fantastic …


And there you go ! Two starters, one main meal with side dish and dessert. Don’t expect the best pastry ever. The chef is a cook, not a baker. But don’t get me wrong, I learned to bake a chocolate tart that I bake very often at home now !

You learn professional techniques, from cutting fishes to making amazing sauces or the art of cooking meat. And you’ll will use them back home for sure. Aside from the chocolate tart, I also often cook the foie gras with vegetables and fruit, topped with Porto sauce or quinoa with asparagus and Comte cheese. See by yourself ! These plates are my own work !

Cherry on the cake, you will enjoy delicious wines, precisely chosen to fit with the meals, like this Château Saint-Roch.

5pm, the adventure is over. A kiss goodbye and you hope to be able to come back soon …

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