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My Chocolate Ice Cream

We want ice cream!! It’s summer time!! We want ice cream!!

Okay, okay … We are going to make ice cream…

Chocolate lovers, you are going to love this one!! Here is my chocolate ice cream.

With this recipe you are going to dive deep into chocolate… It’s going to be intense !!

I already introduced my no egg chocolate ice cream. This is a version with eggs and more intense in terms of chocolate taste. Definitely for chocolate lovers…

I recommend to take a high quality chocolate. I took again the Empreinte 68 chocolate by Cemoi. It’s a 68% cocoa chocolate. Strong and tasty just as it should be. Combined with a custard preparation as I did here, it’s the right balance.

The chocolate is mixed with a bit of unsweetened cocoa, to have an even stronger chocolate taste. It’s a delight…

You will have the traditional recipe (with a sauce pan) and with a Thermomix. Everybody will find the appropriate one!!

As always with ice cream or sorbet recipes, you will have to let the preparation cool down before putting it into your ice cream machine. I wrote down 3 hours for the recipe preparation time, it’s really the minimum time. You will get a rather soft ice cream. It’s definitely better if you can have more time.

Also, I mentionned it already several times, I mix sugar and glucose syrup in the recipe. The glucose syrup will help with the texture (and prevent from having crystallization).

The utensils:

My Affinity sauce pan by De Buyer (with a thick bottom),

A good whisk,

And an ice cream machine.

There you go!! You’re all set!

The recipe, Chef!

My Chocolate Ice Cream

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Serves: 6-8 Difficulty: Easy Price: $
Prep Time: 3 heures Cooking Time: 15 min


  • 250 g chocolate
  • 25 g cocoa
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 150 g liquid cream 30% fat
  • 350 g milk
  • 35 g icing sugar
  • 35 g glucose syrup



If you have a Thermomix go to bullet point 9.


If you don't have a Thermomix, heat the milk and cream in a sauce pan. Remove from the stove before boiling.


Place the chocolate and cocoa in a bowl. Pour the milk / cream on top. After one minute, mix.


In another bowl, whisk the egg yolks, icing sugar and glucose syrup until it gets foamy and white.


Add little by little the chocolate mixture and whisk well.


Place in your sauce pan, heat and keep whisking until it thickens a bit (4 min).


Do not boil.


Remove from the stove and whisk some more. Go to bullet point 11.


Place the chocolate in your Thermomix bowl and mix 15 seconds speed 10.


Add the icing sugar, glucose syrup, the 4 egg yolks, the cream, the milk and cocoa. Set 5 minutes at 60 degrees speed 5.


Pour in a large bowl, cover with a cling film on the surface and set aside in your fridge.


When it's cold enough, put the preparation in your ice cream machine.


And that's it!

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  • Reply
    Saturday August 22nd, 2020 at 10:54 AM


    Je viens de faire cette recette. Le problème est que quand j’ai sorti ma préparation pour la mettre dans la sorbetiere elle était très épaisse. J’ai quand même essayé de mettre la préparation dedans progressivement mais les pales se sont bloquées tout de suite (je les avais bien mises en marche avant de mettre la préparation). Pouvez vous me dire pourquoi la préparation est trol épaisse? Merci

    • Reply
      Saturday August 22nd, 2020 at 11:40 AM

      Bonjour Marie,
      Alors là … je n’ai jamais eu ce problème. Peut-être avez-vous cuit la crème un peu trop longtemps. Ma préparation est toujours liquide comme une crème anglaise.

  • Reply
    Saturday August 22nd, 2020 at 03:05 PM

    Oui je pense que c’est ça, en tout cas le gout est excellent!!

    • Reply
      Sunday August 23rd, 2020 at 09:49 AM

      j’en suis ravie !

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