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No Bake Geometric Mango and Coconut Tart

No eggs, almost no bake, and a wow effect. Tempting or what?

The answer is yes I guess…So no long speech, here is the no bake geometric mango and coconut tart.

You can’t keep your eyes of this baby, can you? That’s what I felt when I saw Kim-Joy ‘s tart on Instagram … So outstanding!!

And it’s no surprise that it was published in The Guardian … just that!! Kim-Joy was in the show “The Great British Bake Off“, a pastry TV show in Great Britain. She makes amazing desserts!! You are going to love it!

So here I am, studying the recipe of this no bake geometric mango and coconut tart, and obviously, you know me, I had to make it!!

I have quite a few things to mention about this recipe.

It’s a no bake tart, well at least no baking in the oven. Of course you will still have to cook your curd in a sauce pan. It’s a good idea when you don’t have an oven on hand (when on holidays, in a student dorm room, when your oven is broken…).

It’s also a no eggs recipe (especially if you choose no eggs graham crackers for the crust). And it can be dairy free if you go for coconut oil instead of butter. It’s delicious too and this way you will have a vegan dessert.

If you don’t like coconut milk that much, you can replace it by half the quantity of milk and half cream.

You get it, this recipe can be adjusted to your tastes, your food choices, your food constraints… Not bad right?

But let’s talk about the taste too … It’s a delight!! The crust is super crunchy as I like it, the curd is super smooth and the fresh fruits (here mango, kiwi, strawberries and dragon fruit) give the acidity touch that make this dessert well balanced. The perfect dessert!!

The utensils:

A mold with removable bottom or a pastry ring placed on a baking sheet,

A sauce pan with thick bottom,

A good whisk,

A bowl

And a sharp knife for the fruits.

You know evrything!

The recipe, Chef!

No Bake Geometric Mango and Coconut Tart

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Serves: 8-10 Difficulty: Medium Price: $
Prep Time: 30 min


  • 85 g crispy crepes (for the crust)
  • 180 g graham crackers (for the crust)
  • 70 g butter (for the crust)
  • 300 g mango pulp (for the curd)
  • 400 g coconut milk (for the curd)
  • 80 g sugar (for the curd)
  • 50 g corn starch (for the curd)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (for the curd)
  • 30 g butter (for the curd)
  • 2 g gelatine sheet (for the curd)
  • Fruits (for decoration)



Crush the crispy crepes and graham crackers in a bowl.


Melt the 70 g of butter and add in the bowl. Mix.


Shape the crust in your mold.


Set aside in your fridge at least 30 minutes (more if possible).


Place the gelatine sheet into cold water.


Mix the mango pulp. Add the coconut milk, sugar, corn starch and vanilla. Mix until you get an homogeneous mixture.


Pour in a sauce pan and warm up at medium heat while whisking. When the mixture thickens (after a few minutes), remove from the stove and add the butter. Mix.


Add the gelatine sheet, mix.


Pour on the crust.


Once your curd has cooled down, add the fruits as decoration.


You can choose almost any kind of graham crackers.

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  • Reply
    Marie de Gantes
    Thursday October 17th, 2019 at 06:53 PM

    Bonjour Emmanuelle,
    Je suis en train de faire votre magnifique tarte géométrique. Mais quand je vois le ” fond de tarte”, je me pose la question du démoulage. Faut-il la laisser dans le moule ? Et au service, cela ne s’écroule pas trop ? Merci en tous les cas pour toutes les bonnes recettes que je découvre depuis quelques semaines et que je prends grand plaisir à réaliser !
    Très cordialement

    • Reply
      Thursday October 17th, 2019 at 07:37 PM

      Bonsoir Marie
      Alors ne vous inquiétez pas ! Le fond de tarte va durcir donc pas d’écroulement normalement … Je le sors toujours du moule avant de mettre la crème et les fruits. Touchez au moment de le faire et vous jugerez. 😉 Et je suis ravie que mes recettes vous plaisent !

  • Reply
    Amélie Tate
    Tuesday February 18th, 2020 at 09:15 PM

    Bonjour, est ce que je peux préparer le fond de pâte la veille ? J’essaie de m’organiser ?! Merci pour ces très bonnes recettes toujours reussies !

    • Reply
      Wednesday February 19th, 2020 at 09:15 PM

      Bonsoir Amélie,
      Oui vous pouvez la préparer la veille ! Belle pâtisserie !

  • Reply
    Tuesday October 6th, 2020 at 12:18 AM

    Superbe cette tarte ! Le lait de coco mentionné est du lait classique ou de la crème ? Peut-il être remplacé par du lait de vache demi-écrémé ? Merci mille fois pour votre réponse et merci pour toutes ces belles recettes

    • Reply
      Tuesday October 6th, 2020 at 08:38 AM

      Bonjour Armelle
      Oui tout à fait ! ou bien un mélange lait-crème. Vous me direz ce que ça donne ? 😉

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