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Alsatian Onion Pie

What can I say? I told you already in my post about Stolle … When Christmas is coming, Alsace is all over me!! So when I start thinking about easy meal, delicious, tasty and comforting, I think about onion pie!! Simple as that! And we know what we’re talking about in Alsace when it comes to onion pie!!

Another reason for making this recipe, is that I went grocery shopping 3 times lately, sure that I needed to buy onions. 3 times. 3 times I bought onions… And 3 times I said to myself, once back home, “but you had onions you i…t!!”. Okay, let’s move on after such a breathtaking story… I had to do something to use all my onion stock… 🙂

Alsatian onion pie!! Isn’t it obvious??

Oh, and did I mention it the onion pie is super easy to cook? You need a savory shortcrust pastry, onions, cream and eggs, and bam! the job is done!

A cheap but delicious recipe, that will be perfect for a starter, a nice meal when served with salad or cut in small pieces for aperitif bouchees.

You can also make a more elaborate version with bacon or chorizo. The union of Alsace and Spain…

The utensils:

A cast iron casserole (I take a Staub or a Le Creuset),

A 26 cm diameter mold with 6 cm heigth,

A rolling pin,

A cutting board,

A sharp knife

And a scuba diving mask!! to avoid crying while peeling the onions… 😉

You talk too much Emma, you talk too much!! The recipe, Chef!

Alsatian Onion Pie

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Serves: 8 Difficulty: Easy Price: $
Cooking Time: 3 hours


  • 1 savory shortcrust pastry (recipe on the blog)
  • 900 g onions
  • 15 g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 25 cl cream
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Nutmeg powder



Peel and cut the onions.


Melt gently the butter in a stewpan and add the onions.


Cover and cook at low heat for 2 hours. Mix from time to time.


After 2 hours, preheat your oven at 220 degrees.


Remove the stewpan from the stove and add the cream. Mix.


Add the eggs and mix.


Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.


Spread your pastry and place it in your mold.


Pour your onion mixture on it.


Cook for 40 minutes.


Serve hot!


You can add smoked pork belly for more yummy effect...

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  • Reply
    Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 08:44 PM

    Recette testée avec bien entendu la pâte brisée salée maison ?. Une pure merveille!! Comme vous le dites c’est dune réelle simplicité mais quelle plaisir pour nos papilles. Je conseille cette recette accessible à tout le monde à faire et surtout à refaire!! Merci pour votre partage, c’est un réel plaisir de vous suivre

  • Reply
    Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 08:50 PM

    Merci pour cette nouvelle recette partagée. Une recette aussi simple que réconfortante!! Bien entendu testée avec la pâte brisée salée maison, une tuerie!! Je la conseille vraiment c’est une recette à faire mais surtout à refaire ? et je ne vous parle pas de la douce odeur qui s’échappe de la cuisine ?? rien de tel pour mettre l’eau à la bouche.

    • Reply
      Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 09:02 PM

      Merci Fanny !! C’est super gentil ! Comme je suis contente de lire que mes recettes plaisent !! Belle soirée !!

  • Reply
    Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 09:01 PM

    quel régal !

  • Reply
    Tuesday June 25th, 2019 at 09:05 PM

    Votre quiche est si épaisse et généreuse !! Quelle taille fait votre moule pour qu’elle soit si haute et gonflée ? Merciiii 🙂

    • Reply
      Tuesday June 25th, 2019 at 09:18 PM

      Bonsoir Alexandra, c’est un moule à manqué de 24 cm 😉 J’aime quand il y a une bonne épaisseur !

  • Reply
    Tuesday November 5th, 2019 at 02:41 PM

    je mets les blancs d’oeufs en neige , la tarte est plus aérienne

    • Reply
      Tuesday November 5th, 2019 at 06:36 PM

      Je n’ai jamais testé … Ça m’intrigue ! 😉

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