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Strawberry sorbet

So let’s face it, we are all getting to the same conclusion : this heat is driving us nuts !! The summer heat wave has arrived, summer has arrived too, and since we are never happy with we get, we want cool, we want cold. Obviously …

And that’s were your favourite food blog rises and offers a super simple strawberry sorbet recipe!!

The result is just outstanding : you eat fruit, just fruit. It’s sorbet in its purest state, happiness in a spoon, cold to fight heat, pleasure … You will even end up asking yourself why you’ve been buying industrial sorbets so far knowing that you had the perfect recipe just one click away …

The best part is that the ingredients are healthy : pleasure without guilt !!

Besides, the recipe works for a large variety of fruits (melon, peach, apricot, raspberry, cherry, pineapple …). You just have to anticipate your need of freshness by a few hours since the recipe needs you to freeze the fruits (12 hours sounds like a good timing).

For the rest of the making, it’s quite simple. You just need that…

And either a Thermomix or a blender. Afterwards, it’s just a piece of cake!

Ready now ? Let’s do this!!

Strawberry sorbet

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Serves: 1 litre Difficulty: super easy Price: $
Cooking Time: 12 hours


  • 500 g strawberries
  • 70 g iced sugar
  • the juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 egg white



The day before, cut your strawberries in 4 and freeze them. Pay attention to put them separately from each other in your plastic container.


The next day, put all the ingredients in your Thermomix or blender and make sure that your strawberries are not stuck to each other.


Mix for 1 minute at maximum speed and, if you can, help with a spatula.


Serve immediately or put back in your freezer until tasting.


The recipe works for a large variety of fruits (melon, peach, apricot, raspberry, cherry, pineapple ...). You can also make the recipe without sugar if your fruits are sweet enough.


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