Apples and Mascarpone Cake

Intergalactic news alert!!! This is how I could define the recipe I’m about to share with you!!! The apples and mascarpone cake!!! Tadaaaa!!! No there aren’t too many exclamation points… No I do not exagerate (you know me, I never do…). This cake is just crazyyyyy delicious! Smooth as you could dream of, light and yet so delicious, with a lot of fruits inside (see how your balanced diet is at the center of my preoccupations!!), and ready in 15 minutes!!!! I swear on my favorite casserole and my chocolate bar, this cake is a revelation!!! I found a recipe on Italian blogger Benedetta, I made a few modifications (as always!! I can’t help it) and it turned out amazing! And bam! You have the recipe in English!! 😉 So I caramelized 2 of the 4 apples needded for this recipe, I put less sugar that the original version, I added flower salt to get this extra “je ne sais quoi”. And I took my Gruau d’Or flour as I always do… That’s all I changed. The utensils: My Zenker mixing bowl by Fackelmann France and my professional whisk by De Buyer Or my kMix by Kenwood My Affinity frying … Continue reading Apples and Mascarpone Cake