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Candied Orange

Hello my lovelies!

So today’s recipe may not be the most useful of the year, I know… but it might give a nice look to a few of your desserts, your cakes or even your celebration tables!

Today, let’s make candied orange.

So I say that it’s not the recipe of the year, still … rubbed in dark chocolate those candied orange slices are delicious!!

I strongly suggest to use organic oranges or at least to wash the oranges very thouroughly.

So I wanted to put slices of candied orange on a cake and I started looking for recipes. There are actually two ways to make them: in your traditional oven or in your microwave oven.

With your traditional oven, it will take a few hours of baking. Since I had in mind to use them as decoration only, I didn’t want to monopolize my oven for that long. So I went for the microwave oven option. And it’s almost a first for me since I never cook with it. Except heating my pastas again or warming the milk when making my brioches, I hardly ever use my microwave oven…

You will need 12 minutes of cooking to get your candied orange slices… So I won’t make a long speech here…

The utensils:

My mandoline by Fackelmann to make thin and even orange slices

And a microwave dish with lid, as my Pyrex.

Shall we do this?

The recipe, Chef!

Candied Orange

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Serves: 10-12 pces Difficulty: Super easy Price: $
Cooking Time: 15 min


  • 1 orange (organic)
  • 50 g sugar
  • 50 g water



Wash the orange and cut it in thin slices.


Mix the water and sugar in your dish.


Add the slices of orange and close the dish.


Place in your microwave oven and cook at 800 W for 6 minutes.


Turn the slices upside down and cook 6 more minutes.


Let cool down on a grid.

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      Tuesday June 14th, 2022 at 09:26 AM

      alors là… malheureusement je ne sais pas…

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