Cooking and Baking with Children

Hello my friends!

I will share to day a list that I had in mind for a long time.

Here are my ideas for cooking and baking with children.

Whether on holidays or not, I love being in the kitchen with my kids and I know that many among you like it too.

We are going through such a weird and unprecedented period that we have to re-think our habits, during holiday times too. It was high time for me to share with you my lists of recipes for cooking and baking with children.

I didn’t go only for sweet recipes even though this what we might go for at first.

Don’t hesitate to comment back!

Let’s do this! Let’s put our aprons on and make some cooking and baking!!

My savory ideas…

The blinis (children will make the batter, you will cook)

The pretzels (shaping them is fun!)

The savory salmon cheesecake

The puff pastry crown

The stuffed veggies

The corn fritters

The guacamole

The bacon and zucchini mini cakes (and other options of mini cakes)

The scrambled eggs with coriander (my youngest favorite)

The quiche lorraine (or any other savory tart)

The salmon puff pastry

My sweet ideas…

The chocolate rice krispies (no baking, just mixing and mixing)

The brioche Babka by Jeffrey Cagnes (they will love spreading paste and chocolate!)

The brownies almost like Martha Stewart (the result is going to be great)

The yogurt cake (the basic)

The no bake cheesecake

The large American cookies

The outrageous chocolate cookies by Martha Stewart (here she comes again!!)

The crumble

The chocolate and pear cake

The apple and mascarpone cake (let them be in charge of placing the apple slices!! 😉 )

The blueberry muffins like at Starbucks (and any other kind of muffins)

The Easter eggs (right on time!!)

The baked apples

The hazelnut cookies

I think you should be able to find something good and fun!!

Do not hesitate to tag Casserole & Chocolat(e) on social networks, I’ll be thrilled to see what you’ll have made!

You’re the Chefs!

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    Lorraine Wilmot-Roussel
    Friday April 10th, 2020 at 10:35 AM

    Merci, c’est sympa de partager tout ca et ca tombe a pic!

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      Friday April 10th, 2020 at 11:13 AM

      J’en suis ravie Lorraine !

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